Add wheels to your SUP!



The ultimate SUP and iSUP paddleboard cart on wheels!

The Paddy Caddy paddleboard cart allows you to hand-tow your paddleboard to the water with ease. Adding stand up paddleboard wheels to your SUP has never been easier! This SUP cart lets you put your paddleboard on wheels for easy towing to and from the water.

The Paddy Caddy is a paddle board cart that adds wheels to your SUP, allowing you to hand tow your SUP or iSUP by rolling it along on in soft dense sand, pavement, short & tall grass, and gravel. When you need an SUP cart, you need The Paddy Caddy!

With our paddle board wheels, you can make it to the water faster and with less effort!


The Paddy Caddy Paddleboard Cart

Watch how easy it is to use The Paddy Caddy

Watch this video to learn how to use The Paddy Caddy. Once you’ve attached it to your paddleboard, you can hand tow your SUP to and from the water with ease!

And there’s no need to remove The Paddy Caddy once you’ve launched into the water, since it does not create drag!

Roll your SUP Right Into the Water!

Tired of carrying your paddleboard under your arm? Sick of fighting the wind, hills, traffic, and terrain? Attach The Paddy Caddy to your paddleboard and save your energy for the water.

Step 1: Pull your SUP on wheels to the water.
Step 2: Turn your paddleboard around.
Step 3: Push your SUP into the water.
Step 4: Flip your board over.
Step 5: Get on your SUP and start paddling!

The Paddy Caddy

is so lightweight that it floats in water!

The Paddy Caddy weighs less than 3 pounds (1.63 kg) and is made of sturdy, non-corroding materials. It’s so lightweight that it floats easily in water, that means if you were to accidentally drop it in the water, you don’t have to worry about it sinking to the bottom!


The Paddy Caddy Paddleboard Carts

Shop for your SUP cart right here! Choose between The Paddy Caddy I and The Paddy Caddy II! We also have color choices for both the carrier and the wheels!