About The Paddy Caddy

My name is Christie, and I am the inventor of The Paddy Caddy, the ultimate stand-up paddleboard carrier on wheels! 

The Paddy Caddy is a minority-female (me!) owned and operated business based in Kyle, Texas! Kyle is only 20 minutes south of downtown Austin, where Lady Bird Lake is a popular paddleboarding destination, which where I got my start!

Let me tell you the story of how and why I invented this product…..

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My 1st Time Paddle Boarding 1
My 1st time paddle boarding!

The Beginning

In 2020, I started paddleboarding after going out with a friend a couple of times. I become addicted immediately, not only was this a great way to distract myself from the pandemic, but it’s also such a great way to get fit!

I purchased my first paddle board and starting my adventures, launching mostly from the Austin High School boat dock, and sometimes from near Festival Beach. Often when going to AHS, I have to park a considerable distance away from the water. I found it extremely cumbersome to carry my 11” inflatable board under my arm while also toting my cooler and other gear. When the wind picked up, it added to what was already an enormous struggle to tote my cooler and gear on one shoulder, while also carrying my paddleboard under my other arm.  

So, the next thing I did was look for a paddleboard carrier online. I found several, but there were features about them, I didn’t like. Most appeared to be too heavy (I feared I might lose one to the bottom of the lake if I knocked it off, as I am a huge klutz). None of the carriers I found were adjustable, and most of them require your board to be hauled on it’s side, thereby making it hard (maybe even harder) to deal with the wind.

The Invention

Not having found a paddleboard caddy that I liked, I decided to put my engineering mind to work and went to a big box hardware store. I perused the aisles looking for components to make a paddle board carrier. I purchased some products and went home to make my very first paddle board carrier.

After making a paddle board carrier, I tested it out at the water. It worked very well for a roughly made caddy. I began taking it daily, and the more I took it out, the more people asked me where I got it. I told everyone that I made it myself, and many people asked me if it was for sale. So many people encouraged me to take it to market when I told them it was simply an invention I made on the fly. All that encouragement, coupled with my desire to find a way to get out of my IT job, convinced me to move ahead with developing The Paddy Caddy into a marketable product.

The 1st Paddy Caddy 1

My 1st SUP caddy
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The 1st Paddy Caddy on the market!

Product Development

After doing some research on the SUP market, I decided that it was worth a shot at taking my idea into production. I realized the initial design, while it worked in a pinch, was not going to be cost nor production friendly. 

I began the process of creating a new manufacturing process that is the current design of the first generation The Paddy Caddy that is taking place in my facility in Kyle, TX. Spearheading the manufacturing process, as well as all the business development, I have thus far ran this business without the assistance of investors. I have one part-time employ named Cindy, and have plans to bring on more staff this year.

Future Plans


The Paddy Caddy is undergoing further development for future designs. The second generation of The Paddy Caddy will feature an adjustable axel to fit various sized of paddle boards. We also have future plans for options including color choices, a bicycle attachment accessory, backpacks for storage, a model for rolling over beach sand, and other improvements to the design.

Philanthropy & Community Service

Once The Paddy Caddy takes hold and is generating a profit, I plan to give back to my local community, with the hopes to expand nationally in the future. 

One of the ways I’d like to give back include a program to help disadvantaged youth, domestic violence victims, and other marginalized groups to experience paddleboarding for the physical and mental well-being it offers. 

I am open to ideas for ways this business can benefit those in need, so if you have any to thoughts to share, please send me a message from the contact page.

The Paddy Caddy Wheels for your SUP

The Team

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Christie Templeton


Email: [email protected]


Jether Jayoma 

Social Media & Advertising Production

Email: [email protected]



Affiliate Manager

Position Open

Photos From My Personal Gallery

Here are some pictures from my personal gallery. When I’m not busy working on The Paddy Caddy, I am often found chilling by myself or hanging out with the gang on the water at Lady Bird Lake, next to Barton Springs Pool, on the water at 5 Mile Dam, and other local water recreational spots. 

I have plans to start traveling so I can introduce The Paddy Caddy to affiliate salespeople in all parts of the country, and will add pictures of my adventures here and on Instagram! Reach out if you’d like me to visit your city!